Catering Menu


Impress your guest Serve only

The Healthiest Deli Meats * The Freshest Produce * The Finest Seafood * The Best poultry

The Big Mix Up – Starting @ 8.99 per person
Choose up to three soups * Plus an assortment Deli Sandwiches
Cream of Potato * Tomato Basil * Salmon Chowder *  Garden Vegetable  * French Onion * Chicken Gumbo Corn Tortilla * Lemon Chicken & Rice  *  Wild Mushroom * Chicken Noodle * Dive Gumbo * Split Pea * Cream of Broccoli * Clam Chowder
All of our soups are gluten free except chicken Noodle

Boar’s Head Deli Tray – $6.99 per person
An assortment of sandwiches to Choose from
Corned Beef * Genoa Salami * Maple Turkey * Tuscan Turkey * Oven Roasted Turkey Chipotle Chicken * Tavern Ham
Vegetarian Trays (Sandwiches or Wraps) – $7.99 per person
Albacore Tuna * Grilled Veggie

Seafood Croquette Platter – $10.99 per person
An assortment of
Wild Salmon Croquette * Albacore Tuna Croquette * Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes
All made from the finest seafood available Served with Dive Cole Slaw

Grilled Chicken Wrap Platter – $8.99 per person
Served with our Dive Cole Slaw

Salad & Pasta Platters – Starting @ $3.99 per person
Shrimp & Crab Pasta * Chicken Salad * Tuna Pasta Salad
Dive Cold Slaw * Garden Salad * Spinach Salad * Fruit Salad
Served with crackers or Dinner rolls

Delicious Cheesecakes * Cookie tray * Assorted Muffins * Soft drinks
Starting @ $1.50 per person
We pride ourselves on serving fresh quality foods using only the finest ingredients.

We can create a custom menu with all your favorites